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With the outstanding popularity of the Lumigon T1, all eyes are set on the official launch of the Lumigon T2. The Danish cell phone maker has laid special emphasis on the design of the latest handset. The T2 smartphone is a sheer example of class with the Android 4.0 OS and the satisfyingly well solid build, stainless steel sides and the soft to touch plastic finish on the rear. The all new T2 smartphone weighs quite less. The main highlighting feature of the cell phone is the 3.8 inch Gorilla Glass coated full touch screen. The light weight is mainly due to the plastic base finish of the cell phone. An extra hardware button is added above the display that can be customized in order to include your favorite functions and applications.iphoneoffice

The Lumigon T2 is powered by a single core Snapdragon S2 1.4 GHz processor and an amazing battery, capable of delivering a back up of one full day. The phone is made a class with the inclusion of a high definition 8 megapixel sensor camera. The camera is capable of recording high quality videos of 1080p. The audio is enhanced by the Bang and Olufsen ICE Power audio chip. This chip is capable of adding a good amount of oomph to the loud speaker of the phone, along with a good amount of bass. The included headphones are also loud enough and are capable of maximizing the Bang and Olufsen sound system.

Now, let us discuss about the most distinguishing feature of the cell phone that sets it apart from the other players in the market. The remote control app included in the cell phone converts the smartphone into a fully functional remote control for your home appliances. This app makes use of the IR blaster, added at the top of the smart phone. This blaster is able learn the functions of your remote control and replaces the same. So, if you are willing to own this classy handset, then you ought to hurry up. The pre-order process has already began and I am sure, you don’t want to lag behind in the race of acquiring such a classy smart phone.

So, if the ideal combination of Gorilla Glass, remote control app, Android 4.0, the Bang and Olufsen sound system and the well build design sets your pulse racing then the Lumigon T2 is an ideal luxury smart phone. So, hurry up and place your order this very moment.

The days of the Finnish Symbian phones having super cameras are gone. This is the time of Scandinavian handheld device. The Lumigon T1 is one of the most high class smart phone powered by Android. One of the most distinguishing features of this smart phone is the Bang&Olufsen Mobile Sound3 chip. This chip enables the users to control the home cinema system with the help of the cell phone in an easy manner, thereby turning the smart phone into a full functioning remote control. So, if you are an admirer of unmatched beauty then this phone is specially made for you.