Sony Hits the Market with a Golden Phone

It’s often said that cell phone users are no longer attracted towards the mobiles having chic and high end features. The use of cell phones has gone beyond mere communication to luxurious gadgets used to flaunt the lavishness. As a result, some major brand names like Versace, Dior, Rado, Ferrari, D&G and others are collaborating with the cell phone makers to produce luxury cell phones.

Sony, one of the leading cell phone makers, is also not lagging behind and has also taken a step to enter the world of luxury handsets. Sony Ericsson is also going with the flow and planning to come up with a Bling masterpiece of luxury. Sony is in itself known for its fashion, style and luxury statement and in order to take it to a new level, Sony has come up with an all new Precious Gold T650i. This handset is especially made for the people belonging to the high class of the society and who are fond of some top notch electronic gadgets. Sony has officially launched this cell phone at an electronic exhibition in Las Vegas.

The Sony Ericsson Precious Gold T650i is beautifully coated with a 24 carat gold plating, which is mainly framed around the 1.9 inch mineral mirror like display screen. The luxury of the cell phone is more enhanced by the rose colored keypad. This handset is made for the people who think all the time about glamour, class, style and lavishness. Sony is to make only a limited count of these cell phones for a targeted group of customers.

This cell phone is equipped with all the necessary features including Bluetooth, Mp3 Player, Messaging service, GSM quad band and much more. The in-built memory is enough for storing your data and a number of your favorite tracks. You will also get a good range of stylish accessories to compliment this handset. These accessories include gold plated headphones, Bluetooth headsets chargers and data cables.

So, if you wish to be a proud owner of the Sony Ericsson Precious Gold T650i, then you ought to place the order well in advance.